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TreeFrog Environmental is a technical consulting services firm based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and was founded in 2011 to provide ecology services across a number of discipline areas with specialization in the areas of cyanobacteria ecology and source tracking.

TreeFrog's specialized services for cyanobacteria include:

  • Harmful Algae Bloom (HAB) Investigations
  • Monitoring
  • Growth Mitigation Analysis
  • Habitat Characterization
  • Taxonomy/ Enumeration
  • Algae Culturing

Source Tracking/Identification services include:

  • Cyanobacteria and cyanotoxins
  • Fecal Contamination Pollution Studies
    • E.coli as a bacterial indicator
    • F-specific coliphage as a viral indicator
  • Taste and Odour
  • Nutrient Studies

Terrestrial ecology services include Ecological Land Classification, botanical surveys, soil investigations, reptile, amphibian, mammal, bird and bat surveys, in addition to mortality survey services for wind turbine developments. Aquatic ecology services include habitat surveys, community characterization, and electrofishing.

Other services offered by TreeFrog include environmental monitoring for construction and post-construction projects, site inspection for capital construction works and Geospatial Information Solutions (cartography and analysis of geographically referenced data).

These services are offered to the municipal, public agency, power, mining, transportation, oil & gas, development and commercial sectors.

Contact Information:

Phone: 519-886-1300

TreeFrog was founded to provide expertise in the area of cyanobacteria ecology and source tracking. We are focused on providing expertise from a range of professionals across Canada and globally to provide the highest degree of scientific and hands on knowledge.

Our cyanobacteria ecology and microbial identification/tracking services are complemented by services for taste & odour source tracking, aquatic and terrestrial ecology, construction/post-construction monitoring and GIS (Geospatial Information Services).


Algae Ecology

  • Monitoring and ecological analysis and investigations of cyanobacteria
  • Monitoring with YSI cyanobacteria and general chemistry probes
  • Algae growth mitigation analysis
  • Algae habitat characterization
  • Algae taxonomy/ enumeration
  • Algae culturing

Source Tracking/Identification

  • Cyanobacteria and cyanotoxins
  • E.coli and F+specific coliphage pathogens
  • Biofilm and sludge species identification (for wastewater plants)
  • Taste and Odour studies
  • Nutrient analysis and studies

Terrestrial Ecology

  • Ecological Land Classification
  • Botanical surveys
  • Reptile surveys
  • Amphibian surveys
  • Mammal surveys
  • Bird and bat surveys
  • Mortality surveys for wind turbines
  • Soil characterization

Aquatic Ecology

  • Habitat surveys and community characterization
  • Electrofishing

Construction and Post-Construction Monitoring

Site Inspection for Capital Construction Works


  • Geospatial Information Solutions (using arcGIS):
    • Cartogrpahy
    • Analysis of Geographically Referenced Data

We offer services to the following industry sectors:

  • Municipal
  • Public Agencies
  • Power
  • Mining
  • Transportation
  • Oil and Gas
  • Development (Residential)
  • Commercial

The following is a select list of projects:

Cyanobacteria Monitoring and Risk Characterization:
  • Monitoring over multiple seasons for cyanobacteria in a drinking water reservoir. Analysis of growth factors and site specific growth profile using fluorescence probe.
  • Monitoring and analysis of options for cyanobacteria growth mitigation at a drinking water reservoir.
  • Correlation of lake specific cyanobacteria growth and toxicity to fluorescence for recreational usage decision support.
  • Ecological support and recommendations for monitoring/remediation at private lake experiencing ongoing cyanobacteria growth.

Source Tracking/Identification:
  • Source tracking of taste and odour in a protected watershed used as source of drinking water. Identified cyanobacteria, actinomycetes, and fungus and correlated occurrences to taste and odour compounds identified. Provided recommendations for remediation pilot and full scale. 
  • Source tracking of fecal contamination (using E.coli and F-specific coliphage) at a private lake using novel low cost methodology. Further isolation and genotyping allowed identification of the probable source of contamination.
  • Rapid detection and mitigation options for cyanobacteria in a recreational lake.

Ecology Surveys:
  • Herpetofauna surveys at multiple urban sites to establish baseline populations of anurans, salamanders, snakes and turtles. Provided recommendations for mitigation of anthropogenic impacts.
  • Ecological evaluation at various sites with impacts from operational/constructiuon activities.
  • Growth analysis of plants used in a phytoremediation study at drinking water reservoir.
Construction Monitoring/Inspection:
  • Environmental monitoring for multiple projects involving construction works adjacent to environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Site inspection services for capital works (facilities and linear infrastructure for public sector).

Phone: 519-886-1300

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